POWER ROCKS 2020 is coming!!! Friday February 28th at 7 pm

Power Rocks 2020 is coming and you definitely do not want to miss this year's show.  For the first time Michael Power is featuring a Parkour/Dance group set to electronic music.  Fan favourites of yesterday and today will have you entertained throughout the night.  More details to follow so stay tuned!!!

Power Rocks 2020 - Program Order

First Half

1. Tio Macaco - Stage Band 

2. Keep Holding On - Jessa Hernandez, Ashley Kimani, Eloghosa Orumwense, Julia Vecchiarelli, Jasmin Hussein-Hernandez 

3. Human - Koko Johnson 

              Dancers - Ella Gottardo, Simona Faienza 

4. Wannabe - Jessa Hernandez, Ana Maria Akulli, Marcy Nampijja, Jasmin Hussien-Hernandez 

5. The Time of My Life - Stephanie Cortez, Isabella Clemente, Charles Liu 

6. Haven’t Met You Yet - Koko Johnson 

            Dancers - Iris Hernandez, Rohn Bello, Jessica Baldassarre, Jessa Hernandez, Ashley Kimani 

7. Thunderstruck - Kasthuri Thevienedarajah (Electric Violin), Rebecca Hon (Electric Cello), House Band 

8. Silhouette - Ana Maria Akulli 

           Dancers - Daniella Oliveira, Jessa Ciampa, Sharon Minang 

9. Lifeless - Jamie Cochrane (Electronic Music & Video) 

10. Somebody to Love - Joelle Staropoli, Ana Maria Akulli, Chorus 


                             Intermission 15 Minutes


Second Half 

11. Drum Line 

12. Paradise - Nick Lukosius (Electronic Music) 

              Parkour Dancers - Iris Hernandez, Rohn Bello, Jessica Baldassarre, AJ Maia 

13. Living on a Prayer - Ana Maria Akulli & Chorus 

14. Shallow - Joelle Staropoli, Mercy Nampijja, Marcos Fonseca (guitar), Dan Brancus (bass) 

15. Fxrrvst - Matthew Fuentes, Holly Forrest 

16. Closer to Zero - Chris Young, Paulo Ciampini, Nick Cropley, Doug Green 

17. 25 or 6 to 4 - Finale 


Leonore Dias, Maya Franco 


 Koko Johnson, Ana Maria Akulli, Joelle Staropoli, Mercy Nampijja, Kasthuri Thevienedarajah , and  Rebecca Hon 


 Iris Hernandez, Rohn Bello, Jessica Baldassarre, Ashley Kimani, Daniella Oliveira, Jessica Ciampa, Sharon Minang, Ella Gottardo, Simona Faienza, Daniella Oliveira, Jessica Ciampa, Sharon Minang 

Chorus & Small Group Singers 

 Jessarlyn Hernandez, Ashley Kimani, Jasmine Hussein Hernandez, Eloghosa Orumwense, Julia Vecchiarelli, Stephanie Cortez, Isabella Clemente, Senadi Rajaguru, Charles Liu 

Parkour Crew 

Iris Hernandez, Rohn Bello, Jessica Baldassare, AJ Maia 

Backstage Crew 

 Bharathy Iyathurai, Rodney Nicomedez, Denzell Mersier, Jessica Jeyamohan, Chloe Versace, Kamila Mateo Sanchez, Ryleigh Arczewski

Ticket Managers 

Kayla Barbosa, Melanie Zamrij, Keti Melikidze, Teresa Killam 

Photography & Videography 

Stephanie Blaquera, Riley Hartnett 

Productions Assistant 

Jenna Campbell 










































Guest Bands

Fxrrvst with Holly Forrest and Matthew Fuentes


Closer to Zero with Chris Young, Paulo Ciampini, Nick Cropley, Douglas Green


Electronic Music Producers

Parkour Coach

Coach Mel from Play Project Parkour


Student Ensembles

POWER ROCKS 2019!!!!